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A sex doll (also called love doll) is a sex toy with a lifelike size and a realistic appearance. She has an artificial skeleton inside, make her have the ability to make any kind of pose as you wish.

She made from medical grade Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) and silicone material. TPE is based on hypoallergenic material, which means that it is unlikely to cause allergic reactions and can easily be cleaned and disinfected without affecting the quality of the toy in the long run. most of the small sex toys are made from TPE.
For silicone material, It’s very durable, some guy from doll forum posted his silicone love doll, it’s almost new even after 3 years. what’s more, A silicone doll has the most detailed and realistic vagina and anus of all doll types.

To provide the best soul mate for our customers, Not only we cross the border and travel around the world to select some premium brands, but also we go deeper and cooperate with some true doll artists, The Private Island Beauties based in VA, USA. Find more beauties ONLY in, Shop sex dolls with more confidence!

Do you prefer Asian girls? The Japanese doll is the best selection for you! Your girls are always there for you!

The chubby big beautiful woman who has huge boobs, huge butts, and big curves. BBW sex dolls are fulfilled your sexual desire.

A new sex way begins with male dolls. Customize your own lifelike boyfriend as your desire.

Cheap dolls are affordable. All are looking exactly like their photos and with good quality!

Fulfill your wildest fantasy with our Anime doll! I’ am sure you will find your love doll here.

Mini sex dolls are affordable, lightweight and easy to carry. The advantages of full-size dolls, mini small dolls all have.

Here are our best selling  dolls. You will find all the love dolls you can imagine for every taste and budget.

All of our luxury silicone dolls are made of medical-grade silicone. Realistic skin, high-quality will give you an excellent experience.

All TPE sex dolls are made of medical-grade TPE material and durable flexible joint skeleton. TPE dolls are affordable!

Men love wide hips. Big Ass Sex Doll is a perfect giver for men. Check out our curvy big butt sex doll below.

Men love girls who have big boobs. Big Tits sex doll with multiple size breasts and you can select your desired size.

If your taste is small boobs or flat tits. Our flat chested sex dolls are meant to you and enjoy your new sex life!

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New? You found the right place. First of all, let me welcome you to the sex doll world. It’s a fantastic world where you can fulfill all of your sexual fantasies, a place where you will never feel lonely again. So what exactly is a sex doll ? The sex doll is a life-size, human-shaped masturbation toy. Artist creates three holes (vagina, anus, mouth) for the specific purpose of enhancing sexual pleasure. To put it simply, it’s a sex toy, also an artwork....

Do you have your own sex doll? Nowadays, there are many famous sex doll brands and a wide variety of high-quality sex doll for your choice. Speaking of sex dolls, maybe you will first think of the budget. And effectively, how much money are you willing to spend on your sex doll? Our mission is to help you to find an affordable sex doll.

  Under 700 USD: Whether you are a sex doll expert or beginner, mini sex dolls and torsos are a good selection for you. reaching from 25.6in – 2ft 7in (65-80cm). They are easy to store and carry. The most important is: you can afford it.

  700-999 USD: Lucky for you. You have many choices in this price range. You can get a high-quality TPE sex doll with an average height of 3ft 2in – 4ft 6in (100-140cm). You will surprise them, the advantages of tall sex dolls, these petite sex dolls all have. Hold on, in this selection, you also can find a torso with arm and huge boobs. You can enjoy her with 3 holes sex!

  1000-1499 USD: You can afford this price range sex dolls, and you care more about the love doll’s body sexual experience than beautiful faces. You can find various heights of sex dolls with big boobs, small boobs or big ass. They will satisfy all of your sexual needs.

  1500-2000 USD: If you are into BBW sex dolls, in this price range, you will find a high-quality BBW sex doll meet your desire. Either TPE or silicone material. At the dokidoll sex doll shop, you also can find a sex doll with a silicone head and TPE body to allow you to have a realistic sex doll at an affordable price. 

With so many options now available online, How can I buy a quality sex doll? Purchase your first sex doll online, you will first think of the quality, material, and budget. You will worry about the doll you received will be different from the pictures on the site. And it is not easy to identify the quality without seeing or touching. So what can you do to avoid disappointment? Maybe our answers to help you see a little clearer.

  Make sure about the sex doll store is a legit business Our store is a legit business. We are an authorized retailer of many famous sex doll brands, including Private Island Beauty, WM Doll, JY Doll, AF Doll, Irontech Doll, etc. All sex dolls you find here are 100% of the original brands. And our sex doll studio located in the USA. You can find it on google map. Our cooperation factory is in Dongguan.

  Make sure about the sex doll quality and realistic before buy We provide the sex doll’s “real factory doll images” for the customer. And we have updated some sex doll real photos from our customers on the page. All of the sex dolls we sell are made from medical grade TPE material with a durable flexible skeleton. If you want to check, we can provide the raw material photos or certification.

  Choose a store who provide sex doll quality check before shipping If you order from our store, we will show you the sex doll before we delivery. And we will ship after received your approval. If you are not satisfied with the doll makeup or something else, we will correct the sex doll’s makeup until you are satisfied.

  Select sellers who provide after-sales service If the sex doll suffers any damage during the shipping, please talk to us, we can assist. If the doll has a quality problem, please feel free to talk to us, we can assist.

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dokidoll shop offers a wide variety of high-quality features dolls at affordable price. Such as Japanese dolls,  Anime dolls, Mature dolls and BBW dolls who have big tits, small tits or big butts. These dolls really feel like human skin and a flexible sexy body to meet your sexual desires. And our mission is to help you to find your own lifelike sex doll and satisfy your sexual needs.

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If you are interested and want to learn about our doll, watch these dokidoll videos to know more about our realistic sexy dolls.

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Those sex dolls do not allow customization because they are already built and ready to be shipped. They are in perfect condition and brand new.

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