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We take customer feedback very seriously, that’s why we’re so proud of our unanimously positive feedback.  Below is a feed of some reviews that customer’s have left after receiving their sex dolls! 

135cm Spinner

The short time I had her wasn't really enough to do a proper review. I can say that the size is perfect for me. I wouldn't want anything bigger. I'm 5'4", so she is only a foot shorter than me. Have a 105cm TPE doll (that I will be selling), that's just too small. The spinner has the extra soft breast option. Two words...get it. She also has the finger wires, which I think are too hard.... I keep feeling like I'm going to get stabbed with them. Also very prone to poke-thru. The feet are really nicely done- very realistic and just flexible enough. The definition on the hips and torso are just a work of art... I could run my fingers up and down that all day. I very much like the flexibility of the skeleton in general- not so good for posing, but great for playtime and cuddling. That's about all for now... I general I give the doll very high marks. You can see where the money was spent and worth every dime.... Doll on!

✓ Verified Buyer

162cm Eden

I seriously love this doll. The skin feels so real, she is developing a real hold on me.Her hands are delicate but she can hold things and she is so poseable. Everything I read said lighter dolls are easier and I get that, but I work ALL the time and am pretty strong. As a matter of fact I got the dolls because I am "too rough" with my wife and previous lovers. And her weight at about 97lbs dressed is perfect for me. She moves into "ready" positions naturaly and I love carrying her bridal style.

✓ Verified Buyer

162cm Hope

The UPS driver unloaded my first girl today!! A private island beauties island girl in TPE. She has the Hope head, I asked for upgraded wigs for both of ny dolls. I ordered two, one with the Hope head and the other with the Eden. It is love at first sight really. It is a work of art. The TPE feels like a real woman. The skeleton and weight feel like a real woman, and the ass is better than any I have kissed in real life, so round and firm! Will be posting more, just learning the ropes!

✓ Verified Buyer

163cm Jane

This is a great doll! She is very positionable. Very satisfied! Seller is very good at communication. I had a very small issue, but the seller resolved very quickly and efficiently. A pleasure to do business with!

✓ Verified Buyer

163cm Big Tits Elena

Nice doll, looks really great .. Hair and skin super real .. Better not buy the moaning .. Thank you dokidoll!!!

✓ Verified Buyer

158cm Yuna

Great product very reasonably priced, FAST SHIPPING and they warranty there product thank you so much.

✓ Verified Buyer

158cm Alina

Breath Taking. Just like the picture. Almost blew my mind away. Small waist. Tiny perky boobs. Goregeous face. Nice little ass. Very well made & professionally done. Feels soft to the touch and almost identical to the contours and "jiggles" of a woman. Cannot thank you guys enough. I know what I'll be doing tonight....

✓ Verified Buyer

163cm Kennedy

This is my 3rd sex doll and first time purchasing from the dokidoll company. I am happy to report that they shipped a legitimate sex doll configured exactly how I specified. Shipping to California only took 13 days. My first two WMDOLLs were the 140cm model: #1 was a legitimate one that I purchased from a seller in the USA while #2 was a fake from a seller on AliExpress. I was hesitant to use AliExpress again so I am glad to have hunted around and found the dokidoll company.

✓ Verified Buyer

163cm Yael

The quality of the TPE is by far the best I have experienced. It is silky smooth with a minimum of powdering required. A great balance of softness vs firmness to create a realistic feeling doll which also feels like it will hold up over time. Regarding the skin color, i would describe the color as somewhere between pink white and tan. Really quite a naturalistic "caucasian" shade. I employ quite a bit of color grading depending on the photographic look I am going for.

✓ Verified Buyer

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